This just shows how flawed the school education system is. Curriculum Drivers. Building meaningful subject and curriculum expertise based on a clear sense of purpose and an engagement with existing bodies of knowledge is not beyond us. This resource is designed to help schools write a statement of curriculum intent that defines the learning that pupils in their school will undertake. Young people should learn to question and be encouraged to make a meaningful contribution throughout their lives for the good of us all. "Intent is not the next big thing. By Martin Robinson, author and consultant. Practices such as depriving bilingual students of the chance to study a third language to optimise Ebacc outcomes are anathema. Although, we were unable to be present at the talk, the slides themselves gave us considerable pause for thought about the place of design & technology in the curriculum. We should start from the premise that children must experience the full range of disciplines throughout their schooling. Read on…, By Summer Turner, author of Bloomsbury CPD Library: Secondary Curriculum and Assessment Design, Forget Jeremy Corbyn at Glastonbury, the real headliner of this year’s summer festivals was Ofsted’s Amanda Spielman at Wellington College. These will come into force in September 2019. 1. They should know how the curriculum unfolds and how children might best learn it. • know what impact their curriculum is having on pupils’ knowledge and understanding. Staff have strong working relationships with pupils and widely praise their efforts, which stimulates many to try even harder. Don’t include personal or financial information like your National Insurance number or credit card details. Some cookies are necessary in order to make this website function correctly. Schools will not be inspected on whether they are delivering an “Ofsted-approved curriculum”. Within this is a determined commitment to ensure that disadvantaged pupils develop an understanding of the locality and the community, and undertake experiences that they might not otherwise get. Applies to: England. The annual report from Ofsted warned that in a minority of secondary schools, not all children were receiving a full and appropriate curriculum due to narrowing or misalignment. We also need to ensure that young people can add to our knowledge, whether that be in the arts, sciences, humanities, technologies, languages or sports. In our hearts we all know that Spielman is right. A good curriculum is one in which we address the physical, mental, spiritual, cultural and intellectual health of the child, in a joined-up way. A powerful curriculum can help to ensure they have the wherewithal to do this. These drivers form the basis of everything we do and how we behave in and around school, … Extra-curricular opportunities and voluntary work should be thought of as part of the whole curriculum offer, as should a policy on options that ensure breadth underpins choices. They should be thinking less about preparing students for exams, and more about the “body of knowledge” young people will gain during their time at school. The new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework (EIF) has moved away from internal assessment and focuses on their three curriculum I’s – intent, implementation and impact. An investigation into how to assess the quality of education through curriculum intent, implementation and impact . Learning is planned using the Long Term Curriculum Framework. The thing is, curriculum isn’t a new thing for Ofstedor apprenticeships. Not the exam grades or the progress scores, important though they are, but instead the real meat of what is taught in our schools and colleges: the curriculum.”. How Ofsted is revising inspection methodology to support the education inspection framework. As Spielman seemed to recognise, schools have lost the way when it comes to curriculum, often as a consequence of fearing accountability measures and Ofsted. Link to this comment. Mr Gove effectively scrapped it by saying Academies did not have to follow the National Curriculum. So is Amanda Spielman asking for a return to the National Curriculum in a wishy washy liberal way that does not undermine the architect of the chaos? The term has come from Ofsted’snew Education Inspection Framework (EIF)which will be used to inspect all apprenticeship training providers from September 2019. Even before Spielman took over the reins, Harford warned SSAT conference delegates in December against a “narrowing” of the curriculum, saying schools would need to place the emphasis on broader curriculums to gain higher inspection judgments. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. We asked some people with experience to tell us what they think schools should be doing to ensure a robust approach to curriculum design. Avoiding a generic approach is essential to avoid curriculum becoming another piece in the Ofsted game; if we assume there can be a one-size-fits-all approach, we risk ruining it all. We now have a system where no-one knows what is being taught in the nation’s schools, because an ex-writer for The Times thought it was a good idea to call professionals “The Blob”, and unleash market forces on what children should learn. At Mersey Drive CP School we believe that all pupils have the right to access a full and balanced curriculum where all subjects are valued. The wider curriculum: 5 things Ofsted inspectors are looking for The new ‘Quality of Education’ judgement means that pupil outcomes won’t be the main thing that schools are judged on, but rather that your school’s curriculum will be at the heart of the inspection. Curriculum Drivers. A powerful curriculum goes further, engaging the child in the pursuit of wisdom, truth, beauty and eloquence. highly effective curriculum for all pupils. We have also put them into a ‘child speak’ format so that the children can understand what they mean. That is up to the profession. All very sad . How we decide what to teach, when to teach it and why we teach it are some of the most fundamental questions we ask in our schools. Our Curriculum Drivers are: Values Education; Learning for Life; Enrichment; Mental Health and … Drawing on inspections under the new EIF, Danny Cuttell offers seven curriculum questions to consider before the summer . I wonder what the difference might be if Ofsted removed all grading from reports and only summarised the school’s strengths and next steps. The curriculum has become a core focus for Ofsted inspections. Woodlands Primary School opened on 5th September 2016. So how do we do this? A broad and balanced curriculum will equip our children with a breadth of knowledge and skills in all areas of the curriculum. It is the primary aim of our curriculum, that our children develop the skills necessary to communicate their thoughts, ideas and feelings successfully in a wide range of different forms. Ofsted’s working definition: “The curriculum is a framework for setting out the aims of a programme of education, including the knowledge and understanding to be gained at each stage (intent); for translating that framework over time into a structure and narrative, within an institutional context (implementation) and for evaluating what knowledge and understanding pupils have gained against expectations (impact/achievement).”. This is reflected in the quality of pupils’ work, the progress pupils make and in teaching and learning. However, in some instances, important questions about what to teach has taken a lowly position in educational discussions. We use this information to make the website work as well as possible and improve government services. None the wiser? Ofsted focus on curriculum “There’s no need to write new statements, adapt websites or restructure staffing to cover intent," she says. You can also read the EIF inspection handbooks. We’ll send you a link to a feedback form. Spielman picked up the theme in her address to the Association of School and College Leaders in March, condemning some schools’ ‘gaming’ practices – such as entering pupils en masse for easy qualifications – as “nothing short of a scandal”. Impact refers to the knowledge and understanding gained by the pupils over time. Ofsted will carry out a series of “deep dives” into the way separate subjects are being taught in order to assess a school’s curriculum, under its new inspection regime. curriculum passes through different states: it is conceived, taught and experienced. If we do not fight for an education that is “about broadening minds, enriching communities and advancing civilisations”, then we all stand guilty. Here, it is crucial that key stage 2 does not become narrowed to a study of SATs subjects and “teaching to the test”. It also outlined four “elements of learning”: knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes – as the bases for planning learning experiences within each of the nine areas. We must also recognise that there are bodies of knowledge in terms of curriculum design and in respect to the subjects we teach. Session overview The curriculum Slide 2 What is the curriculum? Children need to be taught how to question whether what they are being taught is the best that has been thought and said – to not simply accept the teacher’s word for something is one of the delights of a maturing academic mind. In plain English – and to paraphrase Spielman – Ofsted wants school leaders to be taking a whole-school strategic approach to the spiritual, cultural and moral development of pupils, to make the world a better place. Training providers have always had to design, plan, deliver and review an apprenticeship curriculum – it's just that they no l… Ofsted has launched its eagerly anticipated and much talked about consultation on proposed changes to their inspection framework for September 2019. It proposed “areas of learning and experience” to feature in every school’s curriculum: aesthetic and creative, human and social, linguistic and literary, mathematical, moral, physical, scientific, and technological. Ofsted February 2015 Ofsted feedback on Key Stages 1 and 2 "Teaching is consistently good across the school. A curriculum is a narrative; pupils begin the story knowing relatively little and end up knowing a lot more. In a seismic moment, the chief inspector united the crowd in just two sentences: “One of the areas that I think we sometimes lose sight of is the real substance of education. It’s not about who performs the best over a period of two years, it’s about who can remember the most come exam time!!! It’s something that academy chains such as Ark and Inspiration Trust have made a priority by appointing teams of specialists to work with their schools to develop communities of subject knowledge. Children need to know how to speak and listen with respect in a variety of different situations. June 2017 (Harford 2017), where he described Ofsted's current curriculum survey. We use cookies to collect information about how you use GOV.UK. as a discrete subject or not but you need to be aware of the critical comments about KS2 cross-curricular topic work they have committed to in print over the last few years . Registered office: Swaleside Grange, Green End, Asenby, Thirsk, North Yorkshire YO7 3QX Documents. “Young people get one opportunity to learn in school and we owe it to them make sure they all get an education that is broad, rich and deep,” she told delegates. In this new framework, Ofstedhas caused a storm with its new-found focus on curriculum – the intent, implementation and impact of apprenticeship curriculum. Purposes and principles of this work The framework for the survey Overview of the research Emerging findings 3. A school was encouraged to adopt such a framework (or a modified version of it) to scrutinise the adequacy of their current curriculum and as a basis for developing it further – as part of the national discussion on the school curriculum encouraged by the then secretary of state, Sir Keith Joseph. Instead we focus on how to achieve outstanding Ofsteds and how to become outstanding teachers, which leads to an obsession with pedagogy at the expense of an in-depth discussion about what we teach. To help us improve GOV.UK, we’d like to know more about your visit today. The word curriculum comes from the Latin verb currere meaning “to run” and is associated with the word “career”, which meant running at full pelt. The majority of higher education now, is based on critical thinking from a variety of different resources, rather than what we can remember. That some things are more important should be tackled unapologetically. OFSTED have this week released a commentary on the second phase of their research into curriculum design, implementation and impact.Amanda Spielman is clear in her assertion that the real substance of education is the curriculum and how it is structured so that all pupils can access it, learn through it and make progress linked to how it is delivered and assessed. Teachers follow the agreed Schemes of Work with reference to whole school planning to ensure that programmes of study are effectively covered. Whether schools use data to monitor this is up to them. How Ofsted is revising inspection methodology to support the education inspection framework. All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated, Inspections and performance of education providers, consultation on the new framework and our report on the responses we received, Risk assessment methodology for maintained schools and academies, Education inspection framework: overview of research, Ofsted inspections of maintained schools and academies, Ofsted inspections of further education and skills providers, Ofsted inspections of non-association independent schools, Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support, Transparency and freedom of information releases. We look at what the watchdog has said so far, how inspectors have been involved in curriculum in the past, and ask some experts: how can schools make sure they’re building a strong curriculum? Don’t worry we won’t send you spam or share your email address with anyone. Over the past 18 months, Ofsted carried out a curriculum review. Could curriculum become the new Assessment for Learning, the lollipop stick of education? Our national curriculum merely suggests that children should be introduced to the best that has been thought and said. Our school values are represented by the Curriculum Drivers. If these heads hope to achieve the richness of a curriculum that incorporates “the great works of classical musicians” or the “intricacies of ancient civilisations”, they will also need to know how to find and nurture subject specialists. Yet anxiety and fear soon began to creep in as I imagined something that I care so much about ending up on an Ofsted checklist. Registered in England and Wales. Instead of a focus on short-term lesson planning, we need to look at the long term, how we intend the powerful stories of our subject to unfold. We were previously two schools, Woodlands Infant School and Woodlands Junior School. Introducing Tubbenden’s Curriculum Drivers! Ofsted recently announced it will introduce a new focus on how schools plan their curriculum. HM Inspectorate, Ofsted’s predecessor, created a framework for the analysis, review and development of a “broad and balanced” school curriculum. These would ‘drive’ learning forwards and become the ‘drivers’ for Tubbenden’s creative curriculum. We have heard a lot about this over the past year, from Amanda Spielman herself and many others projecting what it may mean for teachers and education as a whole. Last week I spoke to some year 6 students about studying foreign languages. . It is this expertise that we must develop in our school leadership teams, in particular our headteachers. Curriculum Drivers. What is apprenticeship curriculum intent and how do I implement it? First we recognise that there is not a shared understanding of curriculum and curriculum purpose. My response to this can be found here ion the form of an open letter to the Chief Inspector This sort of education can be a chaotic experience for a child. I was ecstatic; curriculum had earned its time in the spotlight. We can continue to run scared, we can blame Ofsted for a tickbox culture or we can face this intellectual challenge and battle to offer the pupils in our schools an education of substance.

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