We had called him Uncle Tungsten for as long as I could remember, because he manufactured lightbulbs with filaments of fine tungsten wire. The letter goes unanswered, and Tom ends up in the hands of Simon Legree, an evil and bitter plantation owner whose philosophy is to work his slaves hard and replace them when they inevitably die just a few years later. All rights reserved. I never tired of the remarkable patterns that rayed out from the poles of the magnet. "The sound of tungsten," Uncle Dave would say, "nothing like it." All of us, I could not help imagining, had a bit of the old man in us. A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics. 4.5. All of these had relatively low melting points, but the melting point of their alloy was lower still. Why did my mother use the platinum loop that hung above the stove to cause the gas burner to catch fire? Or you could alloy copper with zinc, my mother said, to produce brass. Uncle loved the density of the tungsten he made, and its refractoriness, its great chemical stability. I badgered my parents constantly with questions. I knew that mercury, that strange liquid metal, was incredibly heavy and dense. But he was drawn above all to the invention of lamps—safety lamps for mines, carriage lamps, streetlamps—and he patented many of these in the 1870s. Why did water bubble when it boiled? It was strangely, startlingly cold; metals felt cool to the touch, but the diamond was icy. €17.00. Excerpted by permission. Volume One. Gold was soft, too, my mother told me, so it was usually combined with another metal to make it harder. I was encouraged from the start to interrogate, to investigate. He loved to handle it—the wire, the powder, but the massy little bars and ingots most of all. He expressed exceptional interest in Thomas Edison and Tantalum in this chapter, but remains loyal to his love for Tungsten when he reveals it works better in lightbulbs. I was mesmerized by the little cone of blue flame at the candle's center—why was it blue? I knew what lead was, for I had handled the heavy, soft piping the plumber had left one year. Lv 7. Then there was the crystal radio my brother Michael gave me, which I played with in bed, jiggling the wire on the crystal until I got a station loud and clear. It was always slightly rusty, and this bothered me, for the rust flaked off, leaving little cavities and scabs, and I was afraid the whole roller might corrode and fall apart one day, reduced to a mass of red dust and flakes. $25. Two of them founded schools. Uncle Tungsten - IV. In Uncle Tungsten we meet Sacks’ extraordinary family, from his surgeon mother (who introduces the fourteen-year-old Oliver to the art of human dissection) and his father, a family doctor who imbues in his son an early enthusiasm for housecalls, to his “Uncle Tungsten,” whose factory produces tungsten-filament lightbulbs. ISBN 0-375-40448-1. They seemed cool to the touch, and they rang when they were struck. I did not know whether this was true, but I never questioned it. Read a Plot Overview of the entire book or a chapter by chapter Summary and Analysis. Dr. Sacks was growing up in London during World War II and had a very traumatic experience when he was sent away from his home for protection from the bombing. 3 Answers. Welcome and Thank you for visiting our website! LitCharts Teacher Editions. The fuses were made of a special alloy, my father told me, a combination of tin and lead and other metals. She had a necklace of polished yellow pieces of amber, and she showed me how, when she rubbed them, tiny pieces of paper would fly up and stick to them. Thanks for exploring this SuperSummary Plot Summary of “Hallucinations” by Oliver Sacks. Uncle Tungsten is a crystalline view of a brilliant young mind springing to life, a story of growing up which is by turns elegiac, comic, and wistful, full of the electrifying joy of … Uncle Tungsten was fascinated with tungsten and believed it was the metal of the future. 33:3; Ezra 7:6, 25; Neh. Uncle Tungsten was the uncle of Oliver Sacks named Dave, who w… Grandfather: Born in small Russian village, avoided being impr… Oliver Sacks talks about his scientific childhood. I knew zinc: the dull, slightly bluish birdbath in the garden was made of zinc; and tin, from the heavy tinfoil in which sandwiches were wrapped for a picnic. The contents of that unusual parcel rekindled in Sacks a love affair that had been dormant for 50 years--a … Picador (Macmillan), London. My mother's father was, by all accounts, a man drawn equally to the spiritual and the physical. "Those are lines of force," Marcus explained to me—but I was none the wiser. Rent textbook Uncle Tungsten Memories of a Chemical Boyhood by SACKS, OLIVER - 9780375704048. 4 # (Matt. In Uncle Tungsten Sacks evokes, with warmth and wit, his upbringing in wartime England. Update: a link to a website where I could read detailed chapter summaries would be best. Favorite Answer. My mother would take the wedding ring from her finger and let me handle it for a while, as she told me of its inviolacy, how it never tarnished. Where can you find chapter summaries for the book "Uncle Tungsten?"? Uncle Tungsten Memories of a Chemical Boyhood ... [page 75] Here, too, Uncle Dave showed me, the proportions had to be exact: 23 parts of sodium, by weight, to 35.5 of chlorine. Uncle Tungsten. 1 Answer. 4.7. Why did they bend, not break? It was the same with copper—people mixed it with tin to produce bronze. My mother was at first torn between the physical and the human sciences: she was particularly attracted to chemistry as a girl (her older brother Mick had just begun a career as a chemist), but later became an anatomist and surgeon. That was because it conducted heat so well, she said—better than any metal—so it drew the body heat away from one's lips when they touched it.

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