And like the Buckeye, it also comes with a vehicle mount. It complies to the ABC fire standard recommended for home fire extinguishers and comes with a generous 6 year warranty. Fire Protection Shop specialise in the supply of quality fire extinguishers and other fire safety products to homes and businesses alike. Equip your Kitchen with a High-Quality Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher. We’d still want another in the house somewhere. We decided to get one ABC extinguisher for the house and another in the garage. Heavy and Hard to Carry: While the substance is 10 pounds, the overall weight is 16 pounds. Extinguishers need to be easily accessible and unobstructed; Smoke and carbon monoxide in the home can help save lives; A kitchen fire blanket is recommended by many authorities; Most residential homes legally require a home fire safety plan. Less Powerful than the B441: We are happy with this one as a smaller 5 pound model, but when it came to the workshop and garage, we decided we would stepped up to the B441 which has a longer discharge time and range. Buckeye also sells their models in retail stores under the Shield brand name, the 13315 is available in a rechargeable as well as a disposable model with the same metal valve.”. Quick Review: This is our favorite 5 Lbs extinguisher from the Ansul brand. And this one’s not that small and nimble for us. That’s why Class K extinguishers aren’t usually recommended for domestic home use. We would consider it if we were working on cars or other machinery. We consulted James on this model, and he gave us some great advice. This is was small and light enough for easy usage in the home. Typically, fire extinguishers are fairly easy to use in the case of a fire. Many factories and labs that use combustible metals are required to carry Class D fire extinguishers. As an Amazon associate we earn from qualifying purchases. After using an extinguisher (even for a few seconds), they can’t be just put back on the wall and expected to work again next time. They have a very good reputation in an industry well-known for more product recalls than you’d want! The Amerex B402 also uses a newer powder formulation than its predecessor, the B500, and we liked that it was an upgraded model. Check current regulations. Fire Extinguishers in Your Home If the extinguisher is below the ‘green zone’ on the pressure gauge, they need to be taken to the fire department or another charging location to get it recharged. Not too Heavy for Us: It’s 9.5 pounds overall. Fire blankets do not generally provide enough coverage for larger scale fire risks such as commercial deep fat fryers. We chose the Amerex B402 5 pound ABC Fire Extinguisher as the best fire extinguisher for our circumstances. The main type of fire extinguisher used to cover Class A risk involving wood, paper and textiles. This model can be bought directly from Kidde, but unfortunately, there is not currently a retailer on Amazon who carries this unit. We are big fans of Ansul as a fire extinguisher brand. Lighter than Comparable Heavy Duty Extinguishers: At a respectable 16 pounds, the Kidde 466204 Pro 10M is on the lighter end of the spectrum for extinguishers with 10 pounds of chemical agent. But a fire extinguisher isn’t enough to save a home. They’re also a little heavier than single-use disposable extinguishers. Commonly used in restaurant kitchens, class K fire extinguishers can effectively put out fires caused by cooking fats, greases, and oils. It also has a metal valve component, is rechargeable, and has overall impressive specs. The main brands of fire extinguisher (in our order of preference) are: We’re big fans of Amerex (obviously) and tend to give it five stars in our product reviews (okay that’s a euphemism – we don’t use stars for our ratings). A home fire extinguisher can lose pressure over time, rendering it useless when you need it. It’s possible to get this both as a rechargeable and non-rechargeable model, but as James says, the rechargeable model may not be economical anyway: James Says: “Recharging any small extinguisher such as this is likely to equal or exceed the cost of a new unit.”. According to Amerex, it has an above average 20 second discharge time and 21 foot discharge range. Hence, it can be used on fires involving wood, textile, petrol, diesel, flammable gases like methane and butane and also electrical fires up to 1000V. On these factors, we gave it ticks all around. Everyone’s circumstances will be different, so pick one that suits you best. It’s lighter than its B441 bigger brother, but also has less extinguishing chemical inside. Best for the Car: First Alert FIAFESA5 Auto Fire Extinguisher. For example, a different extinguisher may be needed for a commercial kitchen as opposed to a clean room or library. Bottom Line: As of the time of writing, this is currently the only fire … Manufacturers have come up with fire extinguishers called ABC fire extinguishers. But, we have heard Amerex’s extinguishers are known to last a long time and be made with the best materials. It is also recommended to have at least one multi-purpose dry chemical ABC rated fire extinguisher in your commercial kitchen. You can save money by recharging this extinguisher after discharge. That includes 5 pounds of dry chemical compound and a 4.5 pound canister. Rechargeable: It’s possible to recharge this one after discharge, which saves money (and the environment). However, it can also be effective for class A fires where a material such as wood or paper has caught fire. Kitchens are usually a hive of activity and it is important to make sure that fire safety standards are upheld. Using de-ionised water, clean-up is minimal and does not affect the running of the kitchen. Many residential kitchen fire extinguishers are BC rated. Not our Favorite Brand: Kidde is a known and widely used brand, but in our opinion it’s not got the reputation of an Amerex or Ansul in the fire extinguisher industry. This type of extinguisher works well in home applications where different types of fires can break out. Class ABC: Multipurpose. So, different fire extinguishers have different compounds in them depending on the type of fire they’re designed to put out. They have a very solid reputation in the industry for creating sturdy, reliable extinguishers. The 6 year warranty also showed us that the manufacturers back the quality of their product. Class B - Suitable for flammable liquids. So here they are. in a garage where accelerants like gasoline may be involved in the fire ignition). This is the big daddy of fire extinguishers. Similar to the Amerex B441, this one is much stronger than many others on the list. This heavy-duty extinguisher holds 10 pounds of chemical agent which we feel would be good for a workshop environment. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extinguishers. “. However, this is probably a good indication that these smaller extinguishers aren’t really designed for homes, but cars. We considered this one for our garage as it exceeds all of our requirements for a heavy duty 10 pound home use extinguisher. So, this piece satisfied our need for something a little more heavy duty while still coming in at a reasonable weight for us. We cannot give advice for anyone’s individual circumstances or jurisdiction; Gauge often need to be checked monthly to ensure they remain pressurized. Other safety appliances include: Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can help to warn people of an imminent threat. This type of fire extinguisher may be used to put out certain fires on clothes, electrical outlets, and other building materials. Our kitchen fire extinguishers act as standard fire extinguishers on the more common categories of fire, while avoiding the risk of violent reactions when tackling fat fires, such as deep fat fryers. We tend to avoid plastic valve extinguishers. KITCHEN FIRE EXTINGUISHERS WET CHEMICAL (K - CLASS) SafePro's kitchen fire extinguishers offers an distinctive unique feature by reacting chemically with cooking oil fats (sponification) & forms a non-combustible layer on surface, therby provides a very fast flame knockdown and complete securement of grease related fires. This takes a quick glance as you walk by; Expiration and maintenance dates need to be remembered to know when to replace or update an extinguisher. Small enough to stash … The most versatile of the set, the water mist extinguisher, uses a newer technology that works across most classes of fire. Often, a 5-pound fire extinguisher will have a total weight of 10 pound and contain about 15 seconds of discharge. It’s built with a solid metal trigger and valve mechanism … and it’s shiny! Type of fire extinguisher - Water, Foam, Dry Powder, Wet Chemical. Great Brand: Did we mention we like Amerex’s great reputation? Although the water mist extinguishers cover most types of fire the fire ratings for each class of fire are lower than their traditional counterparts. But, it’s possible to also get the B417TT which comes with a double strap aircraft bracket which can rattle less which might be preferable for a vehicle. The kitchen is also usually right next to the laundry — and the washing machine and dryer are two more appliances that cause home fires regularly. They usually contain multiple fire risks from solid combustible material to high temperature cooking media. Discharge Time and Range: Strong discharge time (21 seconds) and range (20 foot). It’s really better for workshops in our opinion. An additional small kitchen fire extinguisher that we like for our circumstances is the Kidde RESSP. It’s Big: Extinguishers with 10 pounds of chemical agent tend to be larger than necessary for a kitchen. Fire extinguishers meeting BS EN3 are manufactured with a red body and have a band of a … A rechargeable extinguisher often costs a little bit more. This sort of damage would likely indicate that the extinguisher is getting old, and may mean a new one is required. Class D and K fire extinguishers are aimed more at workplace and industrial locations. He strongly suggests buying the newer version with the metal valve: James Says: “Since the Kidde recall of a few years ago it now comes equipped with a metal valve, the purchaser should be sure they aren’t buying a recalled plastic-valve unit.”. Additional fire extinguisher uses are detailed below. Send E … Great Brand Reputation: Ansul is our second pick when it comes to fire extinguisher brands. Including the 10 pound dry chemical and canister, it comes in at 19 pounds total weight. A water-based extinguisher is used for this type of fire. Class A: Paper, wood and plastic fires. * Note: James is a real person, but we’ve used a pseudonym and stock photo to protect his identity. We Like the Design: We wanted a canister and valve component that were metal and reusable. GST No. But, there are usually the following features: In the hypothetical generic fire extinguisher, the steps are usually to pull the safety clip, aim at the base of the fire, and pull the trigger. Laundry appliances such as the washing machine and dryer. Rating 21 B 4.7 out of 5 stars 84 It has a heavy duty chrome plated brass valve (as opposed to the aluminum valve on smaller models) which is good for durability. Easy to Operate: With a simple nozzle discharge, users can focus on pointing and pulling the trigger. Some forms of combustible metals that cause Class D fires include: sodium, potassium, aluminium and magnesium. We like this more than the hose system of larger extinguishers. The fact that this brand recalled the extinguishers does not mean this problem was exclusive to that brand. Some fire departments will do it for you. Access the fire emergency plan requirements from your local fire department and write up a plan for you and your family. Ideal for Boats Homes Kitchen Workplace Offices Warehouses GARAGES Restaurants. The B402 has replaced Amerex’s B500 as their flagship 5 pound extinguisher. We make sure when we’re cleaning or rearranging our home that there’s easy access to the extinguisher. A. So, the kitchen is a logical place to put a fire extinguisher. 4. Department. Again, check local requirements. James Says: “While I wholeheartedly support having one of these and have one at home myself, the B441 weighs around 18 pounds and may be a bit heavy for some people.”. Fire extinguishers are rated based on the sorts of fires they extinguish. Even if it’s not a requirement, it’s worth considering. Fortunately this one’s easy to do. David has worked with the CPD Online College from the start. He notes that newer versions of this model come with a metal valve whereas older iterations come with a plastic valve unit. While Kidde isn’t our go-to brand for fire extinguishers, we liked the idea of this fire extinguisher for our kitchen. If allowed by your local jurisdiction, you can keep it stored in your kitchen drawers and remind your kids about the important points once a year during fire prevention week. All information provided here is only for general entertainment purposes and does not constitute advice or recommendations for your situation. Its dimensions are 20.5″ high x 8.75″ wide x 5″ depth. This device comes with a specialised long applicator that is used to lay a cooling layer of extinguishing agent on top of the burning oil. Rechargeable extinguishers often have sturdier metal mechanisms that will last longer. We love the 2.5 lbs Buckeye extinguisher. The other thing James suggests as a ‘con’ of this extinguisher is its weight. Kidde RESSP – Best for Kitchen. Ansul is a top brand in the fire extinguisher industry. We also make sure nothing is stacked or stored in front of our extinguisher. Fire blankets generally have the same effect on cooking media fires as a wet chemical fire extinguisher but are much lighter and more versatile. In other words, larger extinguishers all have hoses. A lot of extinguishers provide a flimsy plastic holder – but the mounting bracket provided in this one is USCG approved, so we wouldn’t need to buy an additional mount. There is no choice.”. It also comes with a car mounting bracket – which is probably no use for the house! Homeowners should note that a Class B extinguisher can handle most residential kitchen fires. While we do our best to provide accurate information, including consulting with emergency services professionals like James, we cannot guarantee the currency, validity or suitability of the information on the site for your circumstances. At a modest price, this extinguisher guarantees your safety wherever you are. Another important considerations is that it may not meet NFPA’s recommendation for a 2A:10B:C extinguisher in the home, so we would not personally have this as our only extinguisher in our house. The Kidde 466204 Pro 10M is a heavy duty fire extinguisher that we’d be happy to use in our garage or workshop. Water mist fire extinguishers are suitable for use on class A, B, C, F and Electrical risks which are all found in a modern kitchen. But, it may not meet NFPA’s recommendation for a 2A:10B:C extinguisher in a residential home (regulations change regularly – so this may change in the future), so we would not personally have this as our only nearby extinguisher. The NFPA suggests one extinguisher on each level of a home, and has minimum power requirements. For the kitchen it’s generally recommended to have a multi-purpose fire extinguisher, such as one for Class A-B-C fires, or one that can specifically handle Class B or K fires. Bottom Line: A small extinguisher that would be good for a confined space. Fire emergency plans are compulsory for most family homes in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Class B extinguishers are rated for fires involving flammable liquids such as kitchen grease, gasoline, oil, solvents and oil-based paint. 07AADFF6834G1ZG. The type of material fueling a fire dictates which type of fire extinguisher you need to keep on hand. During regular checks, we like to check the mechanism for rust, corrosion or cracks which may impede the extinguisher’s use. He works on the website by making sure our courses are easy to use and packed full of useful information. Many jurisdictions require they be installed by law, so check your local requirements. His current employer has media relations regulations that limit our ability to share his identity publicly. It’s comparable in many respects to the Amerex 402, including the use of sturdy metal components, a clear and visible pressure gauge, and long 14 second discharge time. Class B: Burning liquids, such as petroleum, oil, or grease. Small: We find dedicated domestic kitchen fire extinguishers tend to be quite small. The wet chemical extinguisher, then, is ideal for a kitchen setting and class K fires. Sturdy Design: Just like the B402, the B441 is designed with all-metal components and no plastic junk. Disposable extinguishers will often have plastic mechanisms which we feel are not as sturdy. Rechargeable extinguishers usually require maintenance every 6 years, but check your model and rules in your area. Great Mounting Bracket Included: A good quality mount comes in the pack and it’s nice that Ansul explicitly states in their product catalog that the bracket is USCG approved for boats. A dry chemical-based extinguisher is used for this type of fire. However, this information is stated as personal opinion for our circumstances and does not constitute advice, professional or otherwise, to you and your circumstances, or guarantee quality or fit for purpose of the following products.

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