0000001587 00000 n 0000016871 00000 n �}��=���q����2�RoIØ�^eYחlmvr�X�4���#�z�;9Ӝ��! endstream endobj 91 0 obj<> endobj 92 0 obj<> endobj 93 0 obj<>/ColorSpace<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/ExtGState<>>> endobj 94 0 obj<> endobj 95 0 obj<> endobj 96 0 obj[/ICCBased 110 0 R] endobj 97 0 obj[/Separation/Black 96 0 R 115 0 R] endobj 98 0 obj<> endobj 99 0 obj<> endobj 100 0 obj<>stream 0000002606 00000 n Shop LaHabra 65-lb Premixed Finish Coat Stucco Mix in the Stucco Mix department at Lowe's.com. 0000004567 00000 n The product may be used to even the color of new work or refresh existing stucco.” LaHabra Fog Coat is a spray-applied portland cement coating which cures to become part of the stucco surface to which it is applied. 0000046741 00000 n The application of the stucco should begin with a scratch coat, a 1/4" to 1/2" layer of mortar, … Just add water. 0000000016 00000 n 0000048946 00000 n bag of the LaHabra exterior stucco color coat is mixed with a La Habra Color pack (sold separately) for a consistent color finish. 0000049185 00000 n 0000003113 00000 n Look through lahabra stucco pictures in different colors and … 0000005267 00000 n 0000044100 00000 n Ease of application More labor intensive than acrylic stucco finish. 0000013856 00000 n 0000037743 00000 n 299 0 obj <>stream 0000016054 00000 n startxref A slight pattern of the mesh is acceptable upon drying, due to shrinkage Parex USA Stucco Mesh and 355 Standard mesh seams are overlapped a minimum of 2.5 (63mm) inches. 0000000776 00000 n 0000018827 00000 n 0 0000003878 00000 n for pricing and availability. 0000003519 00000 n 0000064137 00000 n Trowel apply an even coat completely covering the base coat and allow it to set, although prior to drying out. 0000031868 00000 n 0000003078 00000 n %PDF-1.6 %���� Recommended by LaHabra Stucco. LaHabra's Allegro II cement coating is a revolutionary coating that specifically provides a cost-effective, durable and long-lasting colored coating that … 0000001786 00000 n LaHabra acrylic finishes add beauty and durability to any project. LaHabra exterior cementitious stucco color provides a lasting durable finish over a scratch and brown mortar application. Model #1204. stucco. The sprayer will apply the bulk of the fog coat to the walls and the brush will be used for the finer details, like tighter areas such as gables. . ft. when applying 2 coats. This coat tooths into the lath and holds it onto the building. 0000006024 00000 n 0000010761 00000 n 5 parex USA 100 Series Stucco Basecoats: a factory controlled blend of portland cement, fibers, and other additives to which sand (for concentrate) and water are added at the job site. n Fog Coat can also be used to refresh faded or stained stucco … 0000044665 00000 n Less labor intensive than cement stucco finish. n As a leveler or filler: Apply Stucco 0000044751 00000 n 307 talking about this. 0000043110 00000 n Install the scratch coat of stucco directly onto the mortar screen of the Delta-Dry Stucco & Stone. Application thickness 1/8 inch (3 mm) 1/16 inch (1.5 mm) Helps to compensate for wall irregularities. 0000000016 00000 n bag will cover approximately 320-480 sq. The colors are arranged by color number, starting with the smallest number first ( X-12 Chablis) and ending with the largest color number ( X-830 Clay). 0000001964 00000 n 90 40 �Lpysu}��l��f���ZS}�Z�\����d��������LJJ 0�\\\�l(ell�T( LaHabra Stucco texture coat paint grade finish is an economical alternative to LaHabra's exterior stucco color coat. How to apply stucco to a block wall. The Different Tools Used: You can use a large brush or a lawn and garden type sprayer to apply a fog coat to a stucco wall and having both on hand is a good idea. 0000026135 00000 n LaHabra Stucco Stucco solutions from scratch to finish. plaster mixer required. https://www.housepaintinginphoenix.com/ 0000047514 00000 n surface of the Stucco Level Coat, immediately skim the surface with additional Stucco Level Coat if or as necessary. See more ideas about stucco, stucco exterior, stucco texture. When spraying, use a circular motion when using a circular pattern tip, or alternate vertical and horizontal motions when using a fan pattern tip, holding the nozzle 18" from the wall. n���/2=�b���l�Nr���#�hϜ�8Ch�,k��!Ch��31� %E�C5GS�/8u4�.�d�`rJ �ڠ"��ɧ��\���,7@>bk �d`��Ҍ@ � $�f 0000012189 00000 n n Use LaHabra Color Patch to apply a finish: simply choose the standard color that is the closest to the desired color and once the patch has dried, apply LaHabra Fog Coat in the selected color. startxref 0000015897 00000 n One bag mixes with a 4 oz. Want to see who made the cut? 90 0 obj <> endobj H�|W�r���W̒�2A4�X:rd;�M"Ve�ʂ�&e��(���W�Ɯn��{e�U�{ ��t��F����X �=W���L��e�dj�_n��Oۗ���7o�ܾ~x~��}{�?�/�z�����nM��E~:��R�����i����_7r���~��x�~b����lK I���������?9V�������_�mTv�. LaHabra's Standard Colors can be used for both standard […] trailer 0000005612 00000 n 0000003556 00000 n 129 0 obj<>stream <]>> Stucco Color Trim Color Tip: Hover over the color swatches (squares) to see the name and number of LaHabra's Standard color choices. Can be applied by roller, brush, or low-pressure hand pump. Shop LaHabra 55-lb Finish Coat Stucco Mix in the Stucco Mix department at Lowe's.com. 0000010554 00000 n 0000003239 00000 n Stucco a Masonry or Concrete Wall. Item #982619. <]/Prev 1446862>> 0000002393 00000 n DESCRIPTION: n LaHabra Exterior Color Coat Patch is an integrally colored stucco finish used to repair chipped corners and small areas on standard 16/20 finishes, requiring only the addition of water. x�b```�l:�� ������hqn`dp�j 0000002795 00000 n 0000020646 00000 n %PDF-1.4 %���� 0000042883 00000 n This prestigious company and leading stucco manufacturer knows stucco and knows the most effective finishing methods start and end with Fog Coat. 0000003782 00000 n 0000061315 00000 n One 12 lb. 0000047017 00000 n No jobsite Usually requires mortar mixer. Compare; Find My Store. Item #17627. 0000005248 00000 n Fast setting 15-minutes to 30-minutes depending on application temperature. Use for 3/8-5/8 inch thick stucco applications. 0 Aug 29, 2014 - Our LaHabra base coats, color coats and finishes. After the bonding agent has been allowed to dry, the stucco can be applied directly to the wall. Trowel apply a second tight coat of the same material over the first and sponge float the surface with circular motions to the desired or approved Machine application: nSpray the first coat to completely cover the dry The Fog Coat Corporation is the only company recommended exclusively by LaHabra Stucco. LaHabra Perma-Flex Elastomeric coating for stucco and masonry is a flat, non-gloss smooth finish exterior coating for continuous insulation, masonry, concrete With the latest acrylic technology, LaHabra acrylic finishes provide bright, uniform, xref Nuestra línea de productos consiste en un sistema de protección y durabilidad para las paredes de su hogar. 0000014107 00000 n It achieves the same texture as the LaHabra exterior stucco color coat 16/20. 0000001096 00000 n Perma-Finish EIFS & Stucco Acrylic Finish, Perma-Flex Stucco Grade Acrylic Finish, and Variance Specialty Finishes are the three acrylics products that they have to offer Here is a link to their products page: Lahabra Acrylic Stucco Products Page Be sure to check the second drop-down menu on their page in order to see only acrylic products

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