I also love giving my furry lovers head, the volume of c** to swallow is incredible. 35 Reply. The dog park is not the right place for every dog. So, what alternatives … Well, that’s one of the first results that comes up when you search “people that don’t like dogs”. The author comes clean about why she just can't handle her monster pet, and why we're judged for saying, "I hate my dog." According to Google, I’m a monster. This study also found that the motives for having a pet were different for cat and dog aficionados—38% of dog lovers were looking for companionship, while … Then, be certain you have good verbal control of your dog. First, make sure your dog gets along well with other dogs. Let the tar-and-feathering begin. Because in our society saying you don’t like dogs is tantamount to saying you’re a supporter of Middle Eastern terrorism. There. Report. While everyone around me is happily patting doggos, tagging each other in puppy memes and dreaming about their future dogs, I’m part of the rare breed whose tail doesn’t wag at the faintest sight of the four-legged creatures. Yes he is alive and it’s a dog… Now I'm 30, I have been with 6 guys, but prefer dogs they are so much better than a man will ever be. That hot 2 months ago. The dog pound is a lot like puppy prison, except that dogs don’t actually have to have done anything wrong to get sent there — or worse, get killed there. 11 months ago. Please watch your dog at all times while at the dog park. Some people—or maybe even most people, since dogs, like zombies, have an insidious way of turning opponents into allies—love that dogs abound. She doesn’t know I saw her. In my post I shouldn’t have but did mention this is not a sad occasion because Bruce is simply a dog and we were having a CHILD. I don’t know what to make of this. OK, in all honesty, I don't hate my big penis. Report. I hate dogs. Before bringing your dog to an off-leash dog park, familiarize yourself with some basic dog park etiquette. This post originally appeared on The Good Men Project. … You should absolutely consider other alternatives to taking your dog to the pound. I just hate what having a big penis means to everyone else. Advertisement. There was a hate comment saying, “I hope he does find a good home he should never be just a dog” as if I never took care of him, or groomed him a day in his life. I saw my girlfriend of six months being orally pleasured by her neutered male dog. I said it. I can't get enough! Never thought I would be able to say I've had sex with an ANIMAL but.... Never say never I guess!

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